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As divided as we can be when it comes to certain issues, I think we can all agree on one thing — vandalism is fun. However, some of us are far too stupid, untalented and unoriginal to deface public or private property in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing.

If this sounds like you, then the Seabus Memes Mini Sticker Pack is just what you need to kick your mischief into 69th gear. Lamp posts, police cars, your Grandmother’s urn. These things look great no matter where you stick ‘em!

Dimensions: 3.85” x 7.35”

Stickers included in the pack:

  1. STFU
  2. Seabus Seinfeld Style
  3. Whistralia
  4. I ❤️ Spanish Banks
  5. Quarry Rock is Too Busy
  6. Real Canadian Stupid Store
  7. Stanley Perk
  8. Kelowna Extra
  9. Massive Existential Crisis
  10. Seabus Supreme Style
  11. Eats Vag
  12. Ex'pensive
  13. THC
  14. Constantly Tired
  15. Can I Just Die
  16. Bonus: The whole top header because the sticker company misunderstood me